FPxLE the prequel

As a thank you to a political friend Fashpolitico needed the assistance of LondonEats for a professional fabulous present.  Macarons!

They looked amazing at the end but took hours to make.  I’m not sure I’d go to all the effort again – the one part which makes it worth while is you get to pick your own flavours. And it’s a lot easier if you work with someone who has made them many times before! So if you have 5 hours on a raining afternoon to kill you can make a box like this 🙂

IMG_3550 IMG_3551 IMG_3553 IMG_3554 IMG_3556 IMG_3557 IMG_3558 IMG_3559 IMG_3560IMG_3562 IMG_3561  IMG_3567 IMG_3523


Why LondonEats?

Besides the fabulous recipes and beautiful pictures I chose the FPxLE challenge as a good friend Russell writes LondonEats.  Building the blog over several years he now has 6250 subscribers and who knows how many page views – truly impressive.  His blog has featured in magazines, new products are shared and there was once, nearly, a foodie trip to the Southern States… which sadly never came off.  All in all Russell’s blogging, and baking, have had more successful results than mine!

However, I should warn readers of my challenge that I am a slightly different cook to Russell.  Russell is all about precision and perfection in his baking.  I’m a bit more – throw things together, see if it works.

So I’ll detail the tweaks, shortcuts and the inevitably less than perfect results which my efforts bring as I bake my way to Christmas.

Fashpolitico does LondonEats

The more astute of you may have realised that I have stopped posting about fashion in politics.  To be honest – I feel like I’ve exhausted the topic.  I still LOVE fashion – especially LondonFashionWeek – I watch the catwalks every season.  The innovation and inspiration in London at the moment leads the world.  (There are also many political points I could make here – about the value of the industry to the UK economy, the showcase it provides for so many creative skills around the world, the fact I suspect that what is seen as an elitist sector is probably somewhat less elitist than politics… I could go on but I’ll leave that to the British Fashion Council).

I remain largely obsessed with politics.  But if I started to blog about that I’m sure I’d accidentally offend my employer, my Party, people I respect etc etc.  I prefer to keep these observations to less than 140 characters – there’s less scope to go wrong, isn’t there.  I’m quite sure a few words and the odd image couldn’t cause offence could it?!? OK I’ve already said enough.

But I do miss blogging – thinking about how to express myself succinctly whilst be vaguely amusing.  Sharing thoughts and ideas with the internet, and the odd person who reads them.

And then inspiration hit.  I spent a very pleasant few hours one weekend recreating the work of Paul Hollywood a few weeks ago. My potica (Slovenian and in a ring) rather than Paul’s potiviza (Croatian and apparently in a loaf tin, although a friend with Croatian heritage claimed that this is all wrong…) turned out rather well.  I’d already set myself a Christmas baking challenge – I need to somehow match the amazing Diwali snacks we had in the office last month. And where better to look for baking ideas than LondonEats?!

And so, the baking and blogging challenge begins…

The finished product - with memories of when I studied in Slovenia

The finished product – with memories of when I studied in Slovenia

IMG_8175 IMG_8170 IMG_8172 IMG_8173 IMG_8171

Fashpolitico salutes the pussy bow Thatcher legacy

I have revived Fashpoliticos for a short homage to Sam Cam.

Dressing for a funeral is never easy. Fashpolitico likes to look smart and conservative but never just black, black, black.

Now imagine dressing for a funeral which is politically divisive and being beamed around the world, all the while not wanting to upstage your husband, the Prime Minister.

Sam Cam managed the look to a T, to coin a phrase. The pussy bow, echoing Margaret Thatcher, in gold, classic, not too showy, but not reverting to the basic black.  All topped off with a simple, small elegant black hat.

When someone as uninspired by Thatcher’s legacy as Fashpolitico can sit up and take notice thanks to Sam Cam, she knows that this is an outfit worthy of a blogpost, at the very least.

Sam Cam, I salute you, a beautiful, well judged and brave fashion choice.

Conference season awaits

No sooner than London Fashion Week ends does party conference season begin. Fashpolitico’s feet haven’t hit the ground yet, she still needs to review #LFW for starters.

The Liberal Democrat conference passed in a sea of yellow. Fashpolitico was delighted to see the Somerfield colour scheme dumped but found the golden yellow impressionistic backdrop a little too much to handle, especially when over half the speakers were in a matching sunny shade.

Working in the office with party conference coverage rolling on the TV leaves Fashpolitico amused. An endless stream of the party faithful coming to speak to the massed ranks of like minded souls is a strange fashion parade indeed. Fashpolitico’s main observation was that the number of bearded men speaking from the podium had at least halved since 2010.

Having been a Liberal Democrat Conference voyeur Fashpolitico will be getting involved with Labour Party Conference. Late night packing has left her unsure if she’ll make the fashion grade, but she’s looking forward to snapping many more Fashpoliticos at #Lab12.

London Fashion Week: politicians get involved

Fashpolitico has been hard at work on her political life, but delighted to follow the latest from #LFW thanks to Twitter and Instagram.

Aside from the usual SamCam involvement, politicians have been doing their bit, highlighting the great contribution of the British fashion industry to our economy and cultural life.

@DanJarvisMP blog can be read here. Fellow fashpoliticos have you spotted any more MPs flying the flag for #LFW?

Fashpolitico will conduct her own review of the collections shortly when she has a chance to watch them all here. At first glance Marios Schwab and Jonathan Saunders’ collections looked fabulous.

Free Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot are an inspiration to Fashpolitico. Young women standing up for freedom against Putin’s Russia. They remind her of the Riot Grrrls of her youth, but so much braver, politically and in their day-glo fashion choices and bright balaclavas.

Fashpolitico loves a bright colour revolution in political fashion, and supports feminist freedom fighting punks the world over.

There’s a great interview with the free members of the collective in today’s Observer ahead of the trial tomorrow.

Read about Sting’s support of Pussy Riot and join the Amnesty campaign for there freedom here.

Join the revolution, support freedom fighting, day-glo, feminist punks.